About Us

We are a full-service boutique graphic design agency, avidly creating for a select group of clients since 2010.

At Caffeinated Design Studio, we bring inspiration, experience, and creativity to everything we do.

We specialize in all things graphic design, from branding and identity to web design, marketing collateral, and packaging. We’ve worked with clients in a wide range of industries, from dog toys to teeth cleanings to car repair to executive consulting, and we’re proud of the results we’ve achieved.

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Our Story

Caffeinated Design Studio was founded in 2010 with a passion for our work and a deep love of coffee. We have grown into a thriving business with skilled designers and developers who share a commitment to creating beautiful, meaningful results.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that great design tells a story, and we're honored to help our clients tell theirs. We also believe in bad coffee puns. (If you can't make a pun out of “cappuccino” or “macchiato”, you're not trying hard enough.)

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Our Team

At Caffeinated Design Studio we start every project with a strong foundation, and for us, that foundation is a well-crafted cup of coffee. From there, we work our magic to create beautiful and effective designs that help our clients achieve their goals.

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