Our Story

Every great business relationship starts with a great story (to paraphrase Nicholas Sparks).

Perfectly brewed design gives your business the same energy, focus, and drive you get from your morning cup o’ joe.

That’s why we named our company Caffeinated Design Studio.

So, here's our story. Not too long ago, there were only two choices when it came to professional branding and design for small business owners like you:

  1. Pay a hefty price to work with a big agency and hope you didn’t get back-burnered for a larger client
  2. Risk your project with a cheaper freelancer who may or may not have the skills or bandwidth to deliver what you need.

Rock, meet hard place.

We knew there had to be a better way.

So, we assembled a team of agency-level talent and asked them to work from home instead of driving into an office. Why? By cutting out the enormous costs of running an office, we can deliver our ultimate goal of providing an agency experience at a boutique price.

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The level of care and expertise that they offer to clients is beyond measure. Caffeinated Design Studio was able to bring to life a vision that I had for my product label design and made the process very smooth for me as a client.

While a one-person shop may try to be all things to all people, our multi-specialty team actually delivers.

Our clients achieve their goals because we provide thoughtful branding, creative graphic design, strategic website design and development, and reliable website support and maintenance.

They accomplish these goals because our team members focus on where they shine the brightest.

Designers don’t try to develop, developers don’t try to design, and the SEO and copywriting gurus don’t go near Photoshop. Each person performs at their peak with zero distractions. (Coffee helps, too.)

Although we all work remotely, our internal systems keep us in alignment on every client project.

And each team member is based in the US for better quality control and fewer time zone issues, which means faster turnaround time and fewer revisions for clients.

You get all an agency's talent – without the hefty price tag.

And you get a boutique's friendly service and attention – without limiting your options.

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