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Where there is teamwork, collaboration, and caffeine, the sky is the limit.

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Meet our founder

Kristin Heffley
Founder & CEO
Favorite Coffee Drink: Sugar-free vanilla Americano
Fun Fact: I volunteer as Board Director for Kids Coming Together, a non-profit supported by the Lake Washington Schools Foundation.

Kristin is creative, collaborative, and – of course – caffeinated. And it shows in everything she does. With her “just brew it!” attitude, this entrepreneur blazes a trail in the world of graphic design and website development – all with a smile on her face and a laugh at the ready. This aficionado of all things coffee began her award-winning design agency with one driving idea: to simplify the process for clients without sacrificing results.

Her desire to blend success for her clients with fun for herself and her team means this entrepreneur puts a premium not only on the promised destination but also on the journey her clients take to get there.

Spend even five minutes with Kristin, and you’re guaranteed to feel welcomed, appreciated, and understood… and you’ll probably hear a coffee pun or two! One thing we can promise – you'll have a smile on your face!

When not working on a client project, you’ll find Kristin relaxing and sipping on a sugar-free vanilla Americano (OK, so maybe you’ll also see her sipping on that Americano while working on a client project. But hey – what do you expect from someone who named her agency Caffeinated Design Studio?)

Meet the core team

Lead Graphic Designer
Favorite Coffee Drink: Caramel Macchiato
Fun Fact:  I have a sticker collection of over 35,000 stickers, and growing!
Developer & Quality Assurance
Favorite Coffee Drink:  Cold brew with soy milk
Fun Fact: I'm a suburban vegetable gardener and foster dogs in my spare time.
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I highly recommend Caffeinated Design Studio as a partner for any business.

Erin Anderson, AG Consulting Partners

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