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Meet Kids Coming Together

Deb Carmichael
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Deborah Carmichael, Program Director

Kids Coming Together provides opportunities for local youth to make new friends and connect with their community through free service events led by high school students.

Because it may be difficult for parents to get their kids to come to an event designed for them to β€œmake friends,” Kids Coming Together focuses on relationship-building through community service projects. Projects are intentionally scaled for small groups to increase opportunities for connection. They might include helping a neighbor in need, trail repair, visiting a senior living facility, or caring for animals at local animal rescue facilities.

High School student volunteers facilitate these events, forming mentor-like relationships while helping the younger children engage in positive social interactions and ultimately take steps to form friendships with their peers.


The Problem

Kids Coming Together had a very unique set of problems when they came to us.

Coming out of the pandemic, the popularity of Kids Coming Together and their weekly events grew at an explosive rate. They found themselves struggling with systems, messaging, and communication that could keep up with their needs.

In addition, as a youth-led organization, most of the work on the website is done by teens with little to no experience working in WordPress – and they have a new high schooler in charge each year, so a quick learning curve is crucial.

And it all needs to appeal to both adults searching for events for their young children as well as teens looking for volunteer opportunities. A challenge, indeed!

Kids Coming Together website design, before and after

The Solution

In this case, we started with the website, which included a total website redesign to create a more user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and conversion-focused layout. We rewrote the content to be more compelling and formatted it with bolder headlines, more subheads, shorter paragraphs, and clear calls to action.

We also added more imagery for visual appeal, set up autoresponders to take some of the pressure off of the volunteers, and swapped out some of their plugins for more streamlined options.

Meanwhile, we worked with them on leveling up visuals and streamlining communications processes. We created some Social Shareables templates, provided advice on how and how often to use them, and created a variety of branded print and digital marketing materials for them to use as needed.

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The designers at Caffeinated Design understood us right from the beginning, walked us through the process, and we love the results.

Deborah Carmichael, Kids Coming Together

The Results


Kids Coming Together now has a brand and website that can keep up with its growing organization. And, because our own founder and CEO, Kristin Heffley, fell in love with the KCT mission and the teens she was working with there, they also have a new Board Director.

Finally, just a little more feedback from Program Director Deb Carmichael ...

"The team at Caffeinated Design reworked our website to appeal to everyone in our community. It is a breath of fresh air to have such a fun website that is so grounded in simplicity and ease of use."

Keep up the great work, Kids Coming Together!

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