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Gourmet Espresso Catering

Deyon Johnson, Gourmet Espresso Catering

Deyon Johnson, Owner

Deyon Johnson always knew she loved coffee. Her passion for the drink started when she was just ten years old, and her grandfather shared a cup of sweetened coffee with her. From then on, Deyon was hooked.

She started working in coffee shops when she was eighteen and quickly learned the ins and outs of espresso preparation. In 2006, Deyon decided to turn her passion into a business, and she launched Gourmet Espresso Catering. Deyon constantly innovates new ways to improve her service, and her goal is to make every customer smile.

Thanks to Deyon's hard work and dedication, her company is thriving. And she knows that her grandfather would be proud.

The Problem

In 2014 Gourmet Espresso Catering came to us in dire need of help. Their brand was virtually nonexistent - they had no logo and their one-page website wasn't doing them any favors.

We could tell they were passionate about their craft and had built a loyal client base, but they needed some guidance when it came to marketing themselves if they wanted to grow. We needed to start from the ground up, helping them create a new logo and brand standards.

Screenshot of original Gourmet Espresso Catering Website

The Solution

We started with an emblem logo design, including variations to give it flexibility for a wide range of uses: from coffee mugs and pens to brochures and menus. We accented their neutral color palette with some vibrant colors to highlight the addition of fruit smoothies to their menu and to better reflect their fun and delicious brand personality.

With the stunning new brand design in hand, we created a fun and effective website designed to attract new clients, increase conversions, and make more money for Gourmet Espresso Catering. And to ensure their website got found online in a competitive market, we connected them with an SEO specialist to implement a long-term strategy.

And it worked. According to Deyon,

Caffeinated Design Studio saved my business! Thank you!

Of course, even the most beautiful websites eventually become outdated. It's like your favorite dress from college: it has sentimental value, but you wouldn't wear it to your best friend's wedding. In 2022, it was time for a website refresh, so we built a modern and mobile-friendly site using the latest best practices for development and search engine optimization.

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Above and beyond in service and an amazingly talented team!

Deyon Johnson, Gourmet Espresso Catering

The Results


Having a logo may not seem like a big deal, but for solopreneur like Deyon, it can make all the difference. A logo helps to create a visual identity that can be used on marketing materials, it helps to communicate what your business is all about, and can make it easier for customers to remember your company name. Plus, a well-designed logo can give your business an air of professionalism and legitimacy.

Having a logo did all this, and more, for Gourmet Espresso Catering. It was the foundation for the design of everything that came after it, from a brochure to the custom WordPress websites.

We’re excited to see where Gourmet Espresso Catering goes next!

Brand Standards design example
Gourmet Espresso Catering logo design
Gourmet Espresso Catering website design mockup
Gourmet Espresso Catering brochure mockup
Menu design example
Packaging design example

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