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Here are the primary Brand Personality Quiz results based on your responses to seven questions!

Your brand personality is primarily ...

mighty brand personality icon


Others perceive the Mighty brand as strong and resilient. People feel safe in your hands. While traditional Mighty brands may be perceived as rugged and masculine, that isn’t always the case. Consumers may relate to your athletic ideals or love of the outdoors.

Some words that might describe the Mighty brand:

  • Rugged
  • Outdoorsy
  • Athletic
  • Tough
  • Robust
  • Masculine
  • Rough
  • Western
example of mighty brand personality color palette

Colors the Mighty brand might use:

Red stands for passion, excitement, and anger. It can signify importance and command attention

Orange stands for playfulness, vitality, and friendliness. It is invigorating and evokes energy.

Brown creates a rugged, earthy, old-fashioned look or mood.

Green evokes stability, prosperity, growth, and a connection to nature.

Gray stands for neutrality. It can look subdued, classic, serious, mysterious, or mature.

example of sans serif font
example of slab serif font

Fonts the Mighty brand might use:

Sans-Serif fonts are perceived as modern, minimal, and clean.

Slab Serif fonts are perceived as bold, quirky, and confident.

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