Caffeinator Snapshot: Profile of Danielle O’Malley Johnson

Danielle O’Malley-Johnson, graphic designer extraordinaire, is an inquisitive, free-thinking spirit who brings a hyper-focused attention to all of her projects. A graduate of CWU with a BFA in graphic design, Danielle has been exploring the arts since she can remember. She has been a brightly-lit, artistic force at Caffeinated Design Studio since 2012.

Danielle balances her creative side with a commitment to professionalism and only producing quality work that succinctly brings our clients’ visions to life. In addition to her skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, Danielle has won awards for her still life drawings, packaging, and poster graphic design. In college, she received the Wildcat Award for her photography series A Representation of Perception.

In a world that is constantly changing, she understands the need for the malleable and adaptable. Here are twenty questions, Family-Feud style, with Danielle O’Malley-Johnson:


Q1: Name something that inspires you.
A1: Music, Pinterest, other designers.

Q2: First/earliest memory of knowing you wanted to be a designer.
A2: I always knew I wanted to be something creative. Growing up, I was always making and creating things in many different mediums, including collaging, mixed media, and performance art.

degas-picQ3: Favorite artist(s).
A3: In the Fine Art category, I like Edgar Degas. In Graphic Design, I like David Carson.

Q4: Last time you visited a museum.
A4: In College we used to take group trips to the Seattle and Tacoma Art Museums.

Q5: Favorite musician(s).
A5: Tool, A Perfect Circle, The Used, Florence and the Machine

Q6: Favorite Movie(s).
A6: All of the X-Men movies!

Q7: Who did you hang out with in high school?
A7: My (future) husband and my best friends Katie and Ashley.

Q8: What is your favorite part of your job?
A8: My favorite part of my job is when I can get “in the zone” and create some really cool and fun designs!

Q9: Favorite time waster.
A9: Playing solitaire on my phone and looking at Pinterest.

Q10: Hobbies.
A10: Shopping and DIY projects.

Q11: Greatest influence on you.
A11: My Dad

Q12: How did you get started in your profession?
A12: After I graduated with my Graphic Design Degree I did a three-month internship at a design firm and was then hired at Caffeinated once that ended!

Q13: Work you are most proud to show.
A13: Professional work – especially my first projects created for clients in the “real world.” Here is one of my favorite creations, one of the first logos I created for Caffeinated Design Studio:
Kris Prochaska logo design by Caffeinated Design Studio

Q14: Name something at which you’re really good.
A 14: Party-planning.

Q15: Name something at which you’re really bad.
A15: Driving 😮

Q16: All-time favorite memory.
A16: When I was 16, I went on a two-week, nine-state road trip with my grandpa! My favorite part of the trip was Yellowstone. Now that he has passed, I really cherish that time together and the memories we made.

Q17: Describe something that happened to you that changed you or made you grow.
A17: Becoming a mother, and then a mother of two!

Q18: Describe a typical day.
Q18: Designing and playing with my babies!

Q19: What design skills do you master and are you learning anything new now to further your skill set?
A19: I think the design skill I have mastered is layout design. I especially love creating unique websites. Design styles and techniques are always changing so I am constantly learning something new.

Q20: How did this exercise make you feel?
A20: Thoughtful

Kristin Heffley

Kristin Heffley is founder and Chief Executive Caffeinator at Caffeinated Design Studio, a visual marketing agency based near Seattle, Washington. She loves coffee, her family, and helping clients create knock-their-socks-off brands, among other things. Her favorite caffeinated drink is a sugar-free vanilla Americano.

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