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We combine smart brand strategy with inspired creativity to create a logo that you'll love and that your customers will remember.

Think of your brand like a hot, steaming cup of coffee.

Imagine it. That warm mug in your hands, the intoxicating scent overtaking your senses. You can almost taste it, right? As every coffee connoisseur knows, an exceptional cup of coffee is about more than what’s in your mug. It’s about everything that goes into making it.

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What do you want your coffee to taste like? Do you like it hot, or iced? Think about how it should be brewed, what type of beans you prefer, and whether you add milk.


How do you want your coffee to make you feel? The drinking experience includes everything that you see, smell, touch, and taste while drinking your coffee.
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Coffee Cup

What kind of cup will enhance the flavor and experience you desire? You don't want to drink your iced latte from a ceramic mug.

If you don’t start by thinking about the flavor, your desired experience, and the right type of cup, you end up with a boring, tasteless, confusing mess.


A brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that guide consumers in their decision-making process. And it encompasses so much more than just your logo design.

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What gives your brand its unique flavor? Think about your brand personality, vision and mission, messaging, and ideal client.
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How do you want your brand to make people feel? The brand experience encompasses everything your customers have seen, heard, or felt about your company or product.
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What kind of logo design will best convey your brand identity and desired experience? A great logo must be in alignment with your brand strategy.

You must start strategically by thinking about your brand identity, desired brand experience, and what your ideal customer wants and needs. Otherwise, like that unplanned cup of coffee, your logo will be boring, tasteless, and confusing.

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I felt so cared for throughout the process, and am thrilled with the result! I love my new logo.


A memorable brand is the single biggest investment you can make in the success of your business.

Many businesses don’t really know what branding is or how it can help them. They might think that a logo is all they need, and they often end up with a generic, forgettable logo that doesn’t really reflect their company.

Logo Design vs. Branding

Compared to logo design, branding takes a more holistic approach. It encompasses every touchpoint you have with your customers, their experiences with your company, and their perceptions of your business. It provides you with a roadmap, or strategy, that will influence every decision you make. Having a good logo is important, but it’s just the beginning. If you want your business to succeed, you need to have a well-defined brand strategy.

Guided Brand Strategy

Caffeinated Design Studio offers a comprehensive brand strategy series to help you target your ideal customers and achieve your goals. We’ll work with you to develop a brand that reflects your unique company culture and values. The workbooks cover everything from identifying your ideal customer to developing messaging that resonates with them.

Logo Design

Using that Brand Strategy, we’ll create your logo design and develop a brand book. This includes selecting colors, fonts, and typography that align with your brand strategy to help to communicate your values and give potential customers a sense of what your company is all about. With the right logo design and brand book, you can create a strong visual identity that will help you to stand out from the competition.

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