Your Website is like a house infographic

7 Ways Your Website is Like a House [Infographic]


There is no question that every business, no matter the size, needs a website. But what kind of website is right for you? The decisions that you must make when planning your new site are very similar to those you make when building a home. How many rooms do you need? What neighborhood will be the best fit for you? Prefab, or custom? And, perhaps most importantly, who will build it? You want a contractor who understands your needs. Who takes the time to listen. Who is creative and experienced. Who won’t disappear when the job is done.

Here are seven ways that your website is like a house.

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The Foundation

Even the most beautiful house will crumble at the first rain if the foundation is weak. A robust back-end infrastructure, built by an experienced website developer, will ensure that your site can weather the storm.


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The Framework

Guided by the blueprint, a framework forms the structure and layout of a house. A content management system such as WordPress – in combination with a theme, or template – form the structure and layout of a website


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The Rooms

Just as the size of a house is determined in large part by the number of rooms, so the size of a website is determined by the number of pages. Do you need a small, cozy bungalow? Or a grand, imposing mansion?


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The Furnishings

Each room in a house is furnished to suit the room’s purpose, and high-quality furniture is often the most attractive and comfortable. Quality content will attract readers and keep them on your website longer.


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The Paint & Landscaping

The exterior of a house says a lot about its occupants. Is their paint color bright, or subtle? Is their landscaping fresh and well-maintained? The appearance of your website says just as much about your business.


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The Address plate

Your address tells your visitors where you are located – from the street you live on to your exact location on that street. A website URL does the same thing for website visitors, telling them where to find your business online.


7 ways your website is like a house - 7


Sometimes, just knowing someone’s address isn’t enough – you need directions to help you get there. So, you pull up a map or use your GPS. When it comes to websites, good Search Engine Optimization allows people to locate and visit your site with ease.


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Upkeep & Repair

Without maintenance, even the most expensive home in the neighborhood will fall into disrepair. Website maintenance ensures that your site is safe and secure, optimized for search engines, and functioning smoothly.



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