Wordpress is like a sandwich

[infographic] WordPress is like a sandwich

People often ask us why we choose to build custom WordPress sites for our clients rather than using a pre-built template.  The detailed answer includes a lot of boring facts and technical mumbo–jumbo about coding and scripting, consistency, and reliability. But the fun (and maybe a little over-simplified) answer is that we think you deserve better than a bologna sandwich.

WordPress is like a bologna sandwich

We love working with WordPress. It’s arguably the easiest and most powerful content management system available today. According to its founder, Matt Mullenweg, WordPress now powers a whopping 18.9% of the Internet – up from just 2.2% last year. That’s a huge leap, and for good reason!

WordPress is a great platform with incredible flexibility. But on its own, it’s like a plain sandwich. Bologna and bread. With no fancy toppings or artisan bread, it is the foundation for a filling lunch but nothing unique or memorable.

Templated Themes and the refrigerator case

So, you purchase and install a template – in WordPress-speak, a theme. This gives style and substance to your site. Now you have a grab-and-go deli sandwich. A templated theme adds ingredients — American cheese, mayo, maybe some lettuce — and a pretty wrapper. Your sandwich will look and taste better, but it will look and taste just like every other sandwich in the deli case. And the quality can be hit-and-miss.

Custom sites that make your mouth water

The best sandwiches are made just for you using only the highest-quality ingredients. Artisanal bread.  Gourmet cheese. Maybe some prosciutto di Parma and aioli. Like bacon? You can add it. But it isn’t just about you – you might want to think about the people around you (your clients, for example) when you decide if you should add onions.

A custom sandwich is unique, reflecting your tastes and personality. The quality of the ingredients is high and consistent. Sure, this sandwich is a little more expensive than the pre-made sandwich you grab from the refrigerator case. But mmmmm, it’s worth every penny.

How WordPress is Like a Sandwich infographic

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